Fest I Nova G-15 at Art-Villa Garikula- The 7th International Festival of Contemporary Art

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The Zdanevich Brothers’ International Festival of Contemporary Art was opened at Art Villa Garikula, on September 19, 2015. About 30 projects have been installed around the Art Villa. You can view these artworks during a month.

Art Villa which is situated in former Bolgarsky Palace has been functioning for 15 years. Artistic residence hosts artists from all over the world during the whole year. The territory of the festival is surrounded by the majestic landscape of Tadzami Gorge. People visiting Garikula will remember this place forever. You can read our last year post about the palace and festival.

12010499_1534397150183653_1477428068037510245_o  salome vaxania dominik furis namushevartan

I am starting to tell about the festival from May, 2015 the day when open call was announced and a conception of the festival was spread via social network.

It is as follows:

“Humans constantly try to overcome the limits created by the gravity and it can be achieved in different ways. Some do it by flying in a rocket towards the moon, or creating an amazing speed in a formula 1 car, but some do it in their imagination, dreams or creative processes. All these cases are interesting, as they represent the diverse ways of achieving a common goal. We know that g – 12 is the highest coefficient that a human body can bear, during acceleration, that, for example, is experienced by a person flying in capsule, although we cannot define or measure the acceleration coefficient that a human develops during dreams, creative process and in his imagination. Maximum g for human brain is indefinite. We symbolically take g – 15, the state when human body cannot stand higher acceleration, but the brain requires more, state of standing on the border of consciousness and unconsciousness.”

lia bagrationi

Great number of the applicants’ ideas was submitted to the selection committee for open competition. Jury and the curator of the festival Ana Gabelaia have selected the best projects for the surroundings of Art Villa Garikula. The pavilions of different institutions and countries have been functioning since the opening of the festival where together with the projects chosen via open call and also according to the conception of the festival several projects were planned. The authors of the winner projects visited Art Villa and its surroundings one by one in order to choose the appropriate locations for their projects together with the curator. Afterwards, small groups lived in the residence for several days.

Living in the art residence and preparing for the festival are the most important parts of this event. Fest i Nova has been hosting a lot of Georgian and foreign artists for 15 years.  One week before the opening of the festival the number of residents of Art Villa reached 60. Artists and the group of the volunteers were helping each other. Exchanging thoughts and ideas, transforming planned projects and adjusting them organically to the magical atmosphere of Art Villa was the product of their joint work.

Karaman Kutateladze, a founder of Art Villa and a director of the festival writes on the official website of the festival:

“Effort on the verge of overloading makes utopia come true. In search of free space it darts out to the countryside and sets to construct the innovative factory. Artists break through into the new dimension which they created themselves: the palace is turned into the workshop, yard- into construction site. Babylon community speaks in one language; different visions unite as details of an ideally fixed mechanism.

The main purpose of Fest I Nova G-15 is the metamorphosis caused by the creative ideas.    G-15 is the common state of Garikula. With Fest I Nova 2015 it celebrates 15-year anniversary.”

Existence, overcoming gravity and the strength of fantasy and creativity were emphasized in the projects according to the conception of the festival. The lines of mown paths cross high grass all over the territory. The paths show the way to the pavilions and artworks.

Some of the artworks attract visitors’ attention by daylight, some of them by the light of starry night or video projection…

You can view posters and photos of the artworks below. But it will be better to visit Garikula till 19th of October, 2015. Together with the artworks magical atmosphere, Art Villa and landscape of Tetdzami Gorge are waiting for you.

keramikosebis namushevari  keti davlianidze

nanuka chichua - amerikuli pavilioni  niderlandebis pavilioni

uta beqaia  uta beqaia


Photos are used from the website of Art Villa Garikula

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