Project ArtBeat at Contemporary Istanbul 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey

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Mariam Loria – Project ArtBeat participated at ArtInternational in 2015. How is Contemporary Istanbul distinguished?

Nino Macharashvili (projects manager) – ArtInternational and Contemporary Istanbul are the most successful art fairs in Istanbul. Project ArtBeat was presented twice at CI and in 2015 our gallery participated at ArtInternational for the first time. As for differences, Contemporary Istanbul focuses on local visitors whereas ArtInternational Art Fair brings International collectors to Istanbul. Though, both fairs have the same purpose increasing the role of Istanbul as a cultural center in the region. In 2015, Contemporary Istanbul celebrated its 10th anniversary and organized various events all over the world. About 100 galleries from 24 countries were presented at Istanbul Congress Center.


M.L. – How were selected the painters for Contemporary Istanbul?

N.M. – Project ArtBeat presented artworks by Maka Batiashvili, David Meskhi and Irakli Bugiani at Contemporary Istanbul in 2015. Visitors had already known Maka and Irakli’s paintings from previous fairs. David Meskhi’s light box installation was created specially for his solo exhibition at Moving Gallery by Project ArtBeat.

Post-soviet impressions unite three Georgian-born artists. They belong to different art scenes of the world. Georgian contemporary art was presented into three different directions: painting, photography and mixed media artworks.

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M.L. – How did the visitors accept your artworks? 

N.M. – It was really pleasant that visitors shared their positive emotions. Project ArtBeat exposition received good assessment from collectors and art lovers. Our gallery has regular clients in Turkey. They are waiting for our arrival and buy artworks by Georgian contemporary artists with pleasure. Our exhibition deserved the approval of art critics. Famous Turkish artist Komet was fascinated by Maka Batiashvili’s artworks and shared his emotions with Salome Vakhania, one of the co-founders of our gallery. Contemporary Istanbul 2015 turned out to be very successful for Project ArtBeat.

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M.L. – How was Georgian gallery accepted by Istanbul art scene?

N.M. – It can be mentioned that Project ArtBeat has already established its own place at Istanbul art scene. Several galleries of contemporary art have offered collaborate with us. In February, Maya Sumbadze’s artworks will be presented at Pera Museum as a part of famous Turkish collector Huma Kabakci. Huma purchased Maya’s artwork at ArtInternational. An article about Project ArtBeat was published in a well-known Turkish newspaper Istanbul Art News.

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Mariam Loria

January, 2016

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