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An interview with Gio Sumbadze about a Group Exhibition of Georgian Artists, Beyond Credit in New York

The new gallery space for Art in General was opened with Beyond Credit, a group exhibition of Georgian artists in Brooklyn, NY, February 2, 2016. The exhibition, curated by Wato Tsereteli, features the works of five Georgian artists: Thea Gvetadze, Mamuka Japharidze, Nika Machaidze, Nino Sekhniashvili and Gio Sumbadze.

This very interesting Georgian exhibition, hosting a large number of visitors, will run till April, 2016. We are pleased that Project ArtBeat is among the supporters of the exhibition.

Project ArtBeat’s Mariam talked to our artist and the participant of the exhibition Gio Sumbadze about Beyond Credit.


Mariam Loria- Whose idea was it to make exhibition at Art in General? How did you come together?

Gio Sumbadze– Curators of the Art in General, Kirsten Chappa and Anne Barlow, visited me last year and we had a talk regarding this topic. Afterwards, they had business meeting with Wato in CCA (Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi). The first cooperation with Art in General was Chubika’s exhibition in 2015. Then our group exhibition Beyond Credit was organized. The works by Thea Gvetadze, Mamuka Japharidze, Nika Machaidze, Nino Sekhniashvili and me are curated by Wato Tsereteli. Art in General’s new space was opened with this exhibition.

M. L. – What do you think about the exhibition? What are the outcomes?

G. S. – The context of the exhibition is very rectified. All the artworks are in dialogue with each other. Also, it was very significant in terms of the dialogue between the US and Georgia. The exhibition was well-organized by both sides and being part of it was really important for me. Generally it seems to be a substantial organization. I want to thank Project ArtBeat for supporting me. I think it is very good for Project ArtBeat to be affiliated with Art in General.


M. L. – Tell me about your artworks presented at Beyond Credit.

G. S. – I made the work Connecting Skies specially for this space. I am interested in ecology and the issues connected with the nature. Accordingly, I observe the current processes in Georgia and United States. Since, I had an opportunity I reflected this theme in my work. I am interested in atmospheric physics and the level of environmental pollution/cleanliness, also in the pollution index in different areas. The US has one of the best results in environmental protection. Therefore, I don’t mind presenting our clouds there, because I know that American people care about environment and try not to pollute it. The US was interesting in this regard.

On the other hand, the dialogue with the artistic group and curator of the exhibition was important for me. It was my first exhibition with Thea Gvetadze and I am proud of it. I had an experience of working with other artists before and it was interesting to work with them again.

M. L. – Did you bring new ideas and materials from New York?

G. S. – Yes, of course! It would be thoughtless to travel so far in vain. I think the materials and shots I brought from New York will transform into works. However, at this stage, I don’t know where and how I will exhibit them.

Mariam Loria

March, 2016